Concurrent honored as Orderful’s 2023 Partner of the Year.


Unlock real business value across your existing or new software & technology investments.


We focus on bringing to market products which solve real-world problems our customers experience. An aligned product vision with our strategic technology partners delivers maximum impact and value in the shortest amount of time.

Concurrent + Orderful EDI

The fastest way to trade EDI. Go live with new trading partners in days, not months. Orderful’s modern EDI platform standardizes, translates, validates data formats, and streamlines testing cycles while Concurrent’s EDI connectors make it seamless to quickly connect Orderful’s EDI platform into your ERP, WMS, OMS, or any system which needs to transact via EDI. We’ll connect your business with trading partners 10x faster than competing solutions. Reach out via chat or book a meeting to learn more.

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Concurrent + iPaaS

We partnered with in 2017 to provide best in class enterprise integration capability for our clients and have built connectivity solutions on top of the platform, we also provide integration development services for hire. is a low-code integration & automation platform designed for both non-technical and technical users to create sophisticated workflow integrations and automations that facilitate efficient data movement and actions across multiple applications. Our low-code builder and new Merlin AI transform the automation process by bringing together the power of flexible, scalable automation; support for advanced business logic; and native generative AI capabilities that anyone can use.

Concurrent + Optym TMS

Optym is the market leading Transportation Management System (TMS) innovator, we are excited to bring RouteMax, LoadOps, and LoadAi to fleets of all sizes.

RouteMax’s capability and features in pickup & delivery ops, real-time routing, dispatching, and driver management tools significantly optimize every step in your pickup & delivery operation.

LoadOps simplifies planning, execution, and tracking of loads, ensuring efficient utilization of resources and reducing overall transportation costs. See driver schedules, statuses, time off, gaps, locations, and more—all from a single page. Track drivers and shipment statuses through the driver app and share direct links with customers.

LoadAi helps you achieve the perfect balance between AI dispatching and human expertise. LoadAi integrates with your TMS, generating optimized driver assignments based on carrier preferences. Dispatchers maintain control with the flexibility to override recommendations, ensuring a balance between AI optimization and human expertise for carrier and driver efficiency.

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personalized connectors

We found customers asked us to build custom connectivity solutions often because commercially available options simply did not support configuration flexibility to meet business requirements.


Streamline your supply chain and customer relationships with fast and seamless EDI integrations personalized and deployed in days. Connect with suppliers, manufacturers, customers, 3PLs, etc. We remove the friction, complexity, and time required to activate new trading partner connections. Already using another EDI provider? We can still help.

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Connect your shopify store to oracle netsuite and/or directly to a 3PL to fully integrate your order-to-cash cycle for any ecommerce businesses. From master data structures like customers, products, inventory locations, and inventory levels to transactional events such as orders, fulfillments, payments, and refunds. We codify your business rules in the form of personalized configurations that activate your business process. No out-of-box connector limitations. Let us prove it, try us today.

Oracle Netsuite

Connect your netsuite instance with any external application or data source in a fully business-aware contextual way for any netsuite erp data structure. Don’t waste time building custom connections to netsuite. We have codified 6 years of netsuite integration best practices into a single personalized connectivity solution which is highly scalable. Reach out to discuss your use case and we’ll help guide to the right technical solution.

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