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We are software, data, and integration engineers who understand business operations.

Operational context matters when delivering technical solutions, we strive to be process-first in our approach to deliver practical results with business impact.


We engineer integrations, data pipelines, data warehouses, and cloud software applications. Delivering practical, scalable, high-quality solutions with immediate business impact.

Integration Engineering

Unlock the potential of seamless connectivity with our integration engineering services. We specialize in architecting intricate yet intuitive software interactions that unify your technical landscape, paving the way for optimized processes and a competitive edge.

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Data Engineering

Unleash the full potential of your data with our data engineering services. Our dedicated team constructs agile and scalable data ecosystems, transforming information into strategic resources that fuel innovation, efficiency, and a distinct competitive advantage.

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Software Engineering

Empower your business with our software engineering services. Our passionate team architects software solutions that evolve with your needs, translating your visions into practical applications that empower your business with innovation and efficiency that will be a key business differentiator.

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Let us ensure your integrations are up and running successfully without fail, we monitor 24/7/365 to deliver tangible operational results.

Ensuring completeness and timeliness of all data integrations across your software applications is critical. We offer a premium white-glove service which proactively monitors integration health, ensuring uninterrupted business performance.

We collaborate with you to define SLAs aligned with your business. Every integration exception is identified systemically, resolved by our team of health monitoring engineers, with root cause / corrective actions documented within each service ticket.

You will receive a comprehensive integration health performance scorecard with complete KPIs. With our integration health engineers keeping eyes on your integrations, your team is free to focus on your core business & customers.

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Discover how concurrent’s solutions can improve your supply chain and operations. Effortlessly connect with partners, optimize transportation, and streamline processes for better efficiency.

EDI Integrations

EDI has always been hard–we couldn’t understand why–so with the goal of simplifying and accelerating the onboarding of EDI integrations with customers and suppliers we teamed up with the bright minds over at Orderful to bring fully featured EDI connectivity to your enterprise systems painlessly.

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API Integrations

Reduce operational process friction and maximize organizational productivity by having a well defined system integration architecture roadmap which ensures that all investments in software and data are well integrated to maximize business value and productivity. API integrations allow timely and accurate flow of data between critical business & financial systems. Let us help you define a scalable architectural roadmap that meets industry best practices and that will enable your business growth.

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Financial Consolidation

Don’t let multiple ERPs slow you down. Our seamless General Ledger connectivity solutions enable you to consolidate financial data across disparate systems, making it easy to manage multiple legal entities and ERP platforms. Whether you’re looking to simplify financial reporting or streamline your accounting processes, we’ve got you covered.

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